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Rob Crookes, CO of Byron’s Companie.


We are all experienced reenactors who are members of various reenactment groups in the UK. Our formation is based very much along the lines of a Civil War regiment. We have pikemen, musketeers, drummers, Ensigns and a large living history presentation.

Travelling abroad is totally different to reenacting in the UK. Typically planning for events starts a year in advance of the event date. There is logistics to sort out, muskets especially need special licences.

Accomodation and travel need to be booked, Palmanova typically takes 2 days to get to so there is quite a bit of planning needed.

What does it cost? As a regiment we don’t have a fee but you do need to ensure that your travel insurance allows for participation in reenacting events. Some events actually pay us a fee to turn up but we don’t go for the money, although as mercenaries it should be our aim. However our reason for participation is fun and to bring our own way of reenacting to our european friends.

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