Dress Standards

The English soldiers on the continent were not a fully equipped English army. Clothing was supplied by either the Regimental or Companie commander. Clothing varied and troops would wear essentially, whatever they could obtain. The only note that can be found in the archives says that English troops when they landed in Holland predominantly wore red.

A ration consisted of on a ‘Pottle (4 pints) of beer, one and a half pounds of bread , half a pound of butter, one pound of cheese, six herrings , two pounds of salt beef, and one pound of bacon . So that each man received six and a half pounds of solids a day and one Pottle of beer , besides six herrings .

The outfit of a soldier, apart from his arms and armour, consisted of a Fustian Doublet , a Cassock or Cloak for the winter, a pair of Venetian hose, two shirts and two bands ,
three pairs of woollen stockings , and four pairs of boots.

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